Research Talks

1. The International Meeting on Emerging Diseases and Surveillance

Conference Venue & Time Vienna, Austria

November 2016

Paper Title Developing a transdisciplinary database for operationalization of One Health surveillance for Japanese Encephalitis in India
Authors Rogawski ET, Chatterjee P, Kakkar M


2. 42nd Annual Conference of the Indian Association of Preventive and Social Medicine

Conference Venue & Time Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

February 2015

Paper Title Tracking Outbreaks of Febrile Infectious Diseases in India Using Google Trends
Authors Chatterjee P


3. 14th World Congress on Public Health

Conference Venue & Time Science City, Kolkata

February 2015

Paper Title Tobacco Dependence and its Correlates in Homeless Young Males in Delhi
Authors Chatterjee P, Chaturvedi S, Kumar A, Bhatia MS, Chhabra P


4. 17th Annual Conference of the Indian Association for Preventive and Social Medicine (UP-UK Chapter)

Conference Venue & Time Lucknow

November 2014

Paper Title Empathy in medical students: A cross sectional study.
Authors Chatterjee P, Gupta E


5. 8th Annual Conference of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Informatics

Conference Venue & Time New Delhi

November 2014

Paper Title Thematic Analysis of a Collaborative, Patient-Centred Model of Care Bringing Personalized Medicine to Resource Restricted Settings
Authors Chatterjee P, Bera K, Seth B, Price A, Sengupta R, Biswas R.




6. 1st Global Public Health Conference

Conference Venue & Time SRM University, Chennai

February 2014

Paper Title Life without walls: is it time to formally study the homeless youth in India?
Authors Chatterjee P


7. 4th National Conference of Consortium Against Rabies

Conference Venue & Time All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Jodhpur, Rajasthan

February 2014

Paper Title Reported rabies deaths: eight-year (2005-2012) trends and reporting status of Indian states.
Authors Chatterjee P, Khan AM.


8. 9th International Conference of Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) (Telemedicon)

Conference Venue & Time Jodhpur, Rajasthan

December 2013

Paper Title Exploring online comprehensive clinical problem solving in resource limited settings.
Authors Chatterjee P, Bose S, Sengupta R, Biswas R.


9. 24th National Parasitology Conference

Conference Venue & Time Regional Medical Research Center for Tribals, Jabalpur, India

December 2013

Paper Title Emerging and re-emerging parasitic diseases in South East Asia: A brief review and policy implications.
Authors Chatterjee P, Jha A.


10. 6th Asian Students’ Conference

Conference Venue & Time University College of Medical Sciences, New Delhi; organized by the Indian Forum for Medical Students’ Research (INFORMER)

April 2013

Paper Title Introducing User Driven Health Care to Medical Students.
Authors Bera K, Das Munshi B, Seth B, Chatterjee P.


11. First International Conference on Evidence Based Healthcare

Conference Venue & Time New Delhi, India

October 2012

Paper Title An introduction to user-driven healthcare: Bringing evidence based practice to areas with limited resources.
Authors Chatterjee P, Parihar AS, Bera K, Price A, Bhaumik S, Biswas R, Chandra S, Biswas T.


12. Royal Society of Medicine Meeting on e-Health and Telemedicine

Conference Venue & Time Exploring modalities of communication with limited access: What can work in developing world contexts?

December 2010

Paper Title Conversational learning networks in healthcare, an insight into avenues of user-driven healthcare
Authors Biswas T, Chatterjee P, Biswas R.


13. Medical College Kolkata Students’ Symposium

Conference Venue & Time Medical College, Kolkata, India; organized by the Medical College Ex-Students’ Association

November 2008

Paper Title Rehabilitation of Stroke Patients: A Review.
Authors Chatterjee P


14. Seminar on Locomotor Disabilities

Conference Venue & Time Seminar at Medical College, Kolkata, in collaboration with the National Institute of the Orthopedically Handicapped (NIOH)

September 2008

Paper Title Inflammatory Arthritis in Today’s World.
Authors Chatterjee P


15. Medical College Kolkata Students’ Symposium

Conference Venue & Time Medical College, Kolkata, India; organized by the Medical College Ex-Students’ Association

September 2007

Paper Title Management of Acute Myocardial Infarction: A Review.
Authors Chatterjee P.