ICMR STS 2006 – MBBS Student Research

Sexual Harassment of Adolescent Females in Kolkata

Project Brief
  • Student research project undertaken as a part of the Indian Council of Medical Research’s Summer Studentship support program.
  • Conducted a questionnaire-based survey of school students in a girls-only school to enquire about their experience of encountering sexual harassment
Principal Investigator Pranab Chatterjee, Medical Student, Medical College, Kolkata
My Role
  • Protocol development
  • Development, pre-testing of data collection tools
  • Data collection, management, analysis and interpretation
  • Writing the report
Research Mentor Dr. Tapas Kumar Bose, Professor and Head, Department of Forensic and State Medicine, Medical College, Kolkata
Project Period August 2006 – October 2006
Funding Details Indian Council of Medical Research, Summer Training Scholarship

₹ 10,000 (~US$ 200)